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Man awarded $7.5M for Walmart watermelon accident

Georgia big box shoppers may have heard that an Alabama jury awarded $7.5 million to a man who injured while shopping at Walmart. The 61-year-old man reportedly had his foot become trapped under a pallet that contained a box of watermelons as he was trying to grab one in 2015. He fell, causing his hip to break.

The man's attorney had argued that the company should have made the display safer by shoppers by covering the pallet. The retail giant, on the other hand, maintained that the display was not dangerous for customers and that the injury was entirely the fault of the customer. After the jury announced the award, the company said that it felt that the verdict was excessive and that it would be appealing it.

Steps to take after suffering an injury in an Uber

Similarly to any other state, Georgia is home to numerous car accidents every year. However, Georgia has the distinction of having the deadliest roadway in the United States. I-285 is home to more roadway fatalities than any other interstate in the country. 

You should know what to do following a collision in your own car if it ever happens. These days, many people are using Uber and Lyft to get around. Ask yourself: Do you know what to do if your Uber driver ends up in an accident?

Slip and falls linked to poor slip resistance on flooring

There are steps that Georgia business owners can take to prevent slip-and-fall accidents from occurring. CNA Financial Corporation has released the Slip and Fall Study Report after analyzing the slip-and-fall liability claims it received between January 2010 and December 2016. The authors came to several important conclusions.

The report revealed that the flooring in 50 percent of the surveyed sites did not produce the minimum threshold levels of dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF). To put it more simply, the floors were not sufficiently slip-resistant. The majority of slip and falls took place in real estate and retail businesses. 40 percent of the incidents happened in entryways, 33 percent in parking lots and 27 percent on sidewalks that lead up to an entrance. Less than 1 percent of the accidents happened on interior office floors.

Self-driving cars await definitive safety guidelines

With an eye on speeding up the development of self-driving cars, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved a bill in early October that will free automakers from meeting certain safety standards on up to 80,000 self-driving cars produced annually in the next three years. The bill stipulates that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be granting the exemptions. In addition, the agency will be writing new safety rules for self-driving cars within the next 10 years. However, drivers in Georgia and the rest of the U.S. should know that there are some roadblocks.

Currently, there are close to 75 auto safety regulations, and as many of them are naturally incompatible with the nature of self-driving vehicles, the NHTSA will be engaged in the rewriting of many rules. The agency is also considering eliminating some of them altogether. However, it has stated in a report, which will be released publicly by the end of November, that it will require input from other organizations regarding the type of research it should conduct. This research may take several years to complete before decisions can be made.

Night shift drivers risk drowsiness on the way home

Over 9.5 million Americans work a night shift or rotational shift, and around 28 percent of drivers admitted that they fell asleep at the wheel once last year. This is according to researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital. Night shift workers in Georgia should know that drowsy driving is considered a public health hazard and can hit them hard during their commute home.

To reveal how driver performance is affected by shift work, the researchers conducted a study involving two driving sessions. 16 night shift workers were asked to drive on a closed track, the first time after sleeping for the night and the second time after completing a full shift. Half of all sessions were terminated early when the drivers failed to maintain control of their vehicles.

Motorcycle and pedestrian fatalities rose in 2016

The number of people killed in automobile accidents in Georgia and around the country has risen alarmingly for the second consecutive year. A report published on Oct. 6 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that 37,461 lives were lost on the nation's roads in 2016, and a closer scrutiny of the figures indicates that fatalities were particularly high among the most vulnerable road users.

There have not been traffic fatality figures this high since 41,259 died in car accidents in 2007. The death toll then fell steadily and reached its lowest point in 2014, but even the development of sophisticated automobile safety systems and more rigorous law enforcement has not been enough to prevent road deaths rising sharply in both 2015 and 2016. The 2015 surge in accident deaths was blamed on cellphone use and an epidemic of distracted driving, but the 2016 NHTSA data indicates that other factors are behind the fatality figures.

Are nightclubs a particularly risky place?

Everybody enjoys relaxing and having fun. For some, this means going to a nightclub and enjoying a night out on the town. Atlanta is a great destination for such attractions, too — there are myriad clubs throughout the city that cater to a range of tastes and interests. There are a number of reasons why a nightclub environment might be particularly dangerous to patrons, though.

Certain conditions certainly increase the likelihood of injuries, and many of these conditions are present in a nightclub. If you have slipped, fallen or otherwise suffered an injury in such an environment, you should be aware of your legal rights and consider recourse to facilitate your recovery.

Keeping the workplace safe for workers of all ages

Georgia workers may be aware that more and more employees are putting off retirement and working longer. While the traditional retirement age is 60 or 65, many individuals who are 70 or 75 are still working due to financial or other reasons. This can present a challenge for employers who have to present or deliver safety information in a way that all employees can understand.

Because workers are staying in their jobs longer, safety professionals must determine how injury risks and workplace hazards that result from changes in physical abilities or health can be minimized. This is most important in jobs that require manual labor or are highly physical. Safety professionals and employers should continue to check in with employees to see what support they need in order for them to continue being able to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

Preventing falls in a warehouse

Georgia employers should make worker safety a top priority and enforce safety rules at all times. Doing so could prevent injuries or deaths in the workplace. One warehouse worker died after he fell from a pallet that was 7 feet off of the ground. He had been elevated by a forklift to a storage rack that was roughly 8 feet above a concrete floor.

The accident could have been prevented by following manufacturer instructions related to the proper use of pallets elevated by forklifts. Furthermore, employees may benefit from additional training or certification related to using forklifts properly in the aftermath of such an accident. It could also have been prevented by providing employees with better equipment to reach items that were high off the ground. Employers should buy personnel platforms to keep workers safe when they need to be raised to higher elevations within a warehouse.

Why larger cars are preferable in an accident

As a general rule, Georgia drivers may be safer in a larger vehicle compared to a smaller one if they were ever to be in a collision. This is partially because smaller cars tend to weigh less, and it is partially because larger vehicles have larger front ends. The increased size of the front end means that it can absorb more of the impact from a collision. Therefore, the odds are lower that those sitting in the front of the vehicle will feel its full impact.

In a smaller car, passengers are more likely to feel the entire impact because the vehicle itself absorbs less of the impact. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, smaller vehicles have fatality rates that are twice as high as those for larger cars. This is despite the fact that all almost all types of vehicles are safer than they were in the past.

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