DUI Convictions Are Costly, So Take Action

Until you have to go through it yourself, you may not realize the consequences of being arrested and potentially convicted of drunk driving. A conviction for DUI/DWI in Georgia is costly from a financial perspective to be sure, but some of the other effects can be very costly in their own ways.

At The Carnell Law Firm in metro Atlanta, we are committed to justice for our clients, especially those who are charged for allegedly driving under the influence. Not all DUI defense attorneys handle cases in the same way. In fact, some lawyers might be content merely to recommend a guilty plea or fail to object to how you were treated during your arrest — and if the traffic stop that led to your arrest was even valid in the first place.

We Do Our Homework On DUI Defense

A DUI arrest involves several components. It is the responsibility of law enforcement officers to make sure that the process is conducted fairly, without bias and without errors or other significant mistakes that could put the validity of the arrest in question.

A person who is arrested and incorrectly informed about his or her rights, is coerced into providing evidence that could be used against them or is otherwise unfairly treated might be able to have their case dismissed thanks to an attentive, knowledgeable attorney.

This might involve situations involving:

  • Improper traffic stops, including those made without probable cause
  • Breath or blood tests — including Breathalyzers — that are performed incorrectly, without probable cause, or where the chain of evidence has not been maintained
  • Field sobriety tests conducted unfairly or without merit

Your Case Is Unique, So Let's Talk About Your Options Today

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