Combating Marijuana Possession And Other Charges

Drug crimes continue to be prosecuted aggressively in Georgia and in many places around the country. Despite the fact that many states are liberalizing their marijuana laws, Georgia is not yet one of them.

We understand the troubling times people go through when they're charged with drug crimes such as possession. Having an astute criminal defense lawyer by your side can make a big difference in how your case turns out. At The Carnell Law Firm in metro Atlanta, we represent people charged in drug cases with compassion and with an eye toward minimizing, diverting or discharging these types of criminal cases whenever possible.

Adding a prison sentence on top of the damage that addicts have already caused themselves does not attempt to solve addiction problems, and might actually make things worse. Imprisoning people just for possessing a small amount of marijuana is also tough to justify because it adds even more inmates to a prison system that is already too full as it is.

Fighting Hard For Your Rights In Any Drug-Related Case

Having said that, we understand that some drug charges cannot be explained away simply as the result of an oppressive addiction. Drug crimes such as trafficking, manufacturing or distribution that involve large amounts of substances such as heroin, cocaine, oxycodone or other drugs will be highly scrutinized. A conviction could bring heavy fines, long prison sentences or both.

Choose Someone Who Will Fight Passionately For You

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