Getting Back On Track After A Car Accident

When you're hurt in a car accident in metro Atlanta, your life can turn upside down. Even if the accident seems relatively minor — if you aren't seriously injured, or if your car comes out of the collision with only small dents or easily fixed scratches — it might add up to big expenses you haven't even conceived of.

At The Carnell Law Firm, LLC, we know how quickly you and your family's lives can change as a result of a motor vehicle collision. We make it our mission to explore all the options available to get you back in a solid position with your health, your vehicle and your finances. Whether you've suffered whiplash, a concussion, broken bones or more critical injuries, we can help.

We'll Deal With The Insurance Companies

The reason other drivers on the road have insurance is to protect you from their negligence. There are a lot of honest folks out there who, after being hurt in an auto accident, don't want to take advantage of this insurance or work with a personal injury lawyer. They may be opposed to the idea of lawsuits in general, and personal injury lawsuits in particular.

Unfortunately, this prejudice only ends up benefiting the person who hurt you and that person's insurance company. Years ago, auto insurance companies lobbied strongly to make liability insurance mandatory. They got their wish. They got your premiums — and now they don't want to pay legitimate claims.

The massive increase in premiums the insurance companies expect every year comes with a price: They owe people who are hurt in auto accidents. Don't let them off the hook. Don't try and make a political statement by not filing an injury claim. If you've been hurt, get the treatment you need and call us to represent your interests.

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