Injured In A MARTA/Bus Accident?

Atlanta and the surrounding areas have been experiencing substantial growth for many years now. One way to alleviate some of the traffic congestion in a large urban area like ours is to direct people to public transportation such as buses. Of course, these public transit vehicles can still end up being involved in motor vehicle accidents that injure people.

I'm Jason Carnell, a personal injury attorney at The Carnell Law Firm, LLC, in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Thousands of people all over our region use buses on MARTA, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, every day to get where they're going. When these vehicles are involved in accidents, serious injuries and damages can ensue. Our firm can help people who've been hurt in a bus accident to get compensated for their injuries.

You Deserve An Advocate On Your Side

For as many bus routes as MARTA operates, occasional accidents are bound to occur. These could be from a vehicle striking a car, truck or other vehicle while on the road. Pedestrians are also at risk of injury from a bus due to these vehicles moving quickly and the relative difficulty of their operators to see all the obstacles around them — including people.

It goes without saying that a bus accident can cause severe, even permanent, injuries. Make sure you have an advocate if you need to recover compensation. Call our law firm today at 770-729-4809 to discuss your case with a lawyer. You can also email your information directly to our firm, and we'll get back to you. The initial consultation is absolutely free.