Truck Accidents Are More Complex Than You Know

When two private vehicles — your car and someone else's car, for example — are involved in an accident with each other, the people and insurance policies in play are usually pretty straightforward. Ideally, you and the other driver will have valid insurance, and there are no questions about who owns each vehicle and what each driver was using it for.

When a commercial vehicle such as a delivery truck, 18-wheeler or other work-oriented vehicle is involved in an accident with you, things can get a bit murkier. It's not just the driver of the truck who is involved. The commercial trucking company he or she works for may bear responsibility and carry liability insurance for the accident, and other factors might be involved too.

These Situations Can Be Complicated. We'll Provide Clarity.

At The Carnell Law Firm, LLC, in metro Atlanta, we've handled many truck accident claims involving commercial vehicles. By working with us, you'll get a fearless, knowledgeable advocate on your side who can work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Truck drivers are responsible for heavy, dangerous machines, and as a result they are regulated more heavily than regular drivers on the road. We'll make sure their licensing, paperwork, training and adherence to industry rules and regulations are on the up and up.

We're also not afraid to go to bat for you against insurance companies that might be responsible for insuring a company's entire fleet of vehicles. We won't be intimidated or discouraged as your lawyer because we will always have your interests at heart when it comes to handling your case.

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