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Protecting workers from construction site-related injuries

Georgia residents may be interested in learning that the inherent danger of working in construction is proven by the fact that according to OSHA, 20 percent of workplace fatalities occur on construction sites. There are four scenarios that are the most likely to lead to workplace facilities: falling, being electrocuted, getting stuck between objects and being struck by an object. In many cases, workplace accidents can decrease by taking preventative measures.

Falls, which account for around 39 percent of construction fatalities, can be minimized by supplying guard rails and toe boards. Inspecting equipment like ladders and scaffolding and properly training employees on how to use scaffolds and lifts also increase employee safety.

GA drivers are pretty safe, except for careless driving

Given the amount of time you spend on the roads every day, you might consider it a miracle you have so far avoided a major accident. This is especially true on those days when you encounter someone who is driving recklessly or does not appear to be paying attention, and you have a close call. Georgia drivers must be some of the worst in the country, you might think. How does Georgia fare with the rest of America in terms of safe or dangerous drivers?

You might be surprised to learn that according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Georgia ranks 12th in the nation for driver safety overall. However, the Peach State is ninth from the bottom in terms of careless driving. While these statistics may be encouraging if you are worried about rude, angry or impatient drivers, you should also know that careless driving can be a safety concern.

Road to Zero Coalition hopes to eliminate traffic accident deaths

Government figures reveal that traffic accidents in Georgia and around the country claimed 37,461 lives in 2016. However, a coalition of federal road safety agencies and advocacy groups believe that the annual death toll on the nation's roads can be reduced to zero by 2050. The Road to Zero Coalition was formed by the National Safety Council after traffic accident fatalities surged in 2015 and 2016 following decades of steady improvement. It is supported by 650 agencies and organizations, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, the Federal Highway Administration and 16 road safety groups.

The Road to Zero Coalition released a report on April 22 that contained details about how the lofty goal of eliminating traffic accident deaths could be accomplished. The group says that it will encourage lawmakers around the country to introduce stricter seat belt laws and urge the nation's police departments to enforce speed limits vigorously.

Rush hour is the busiest time for texting and driving

Texting while driving has been a significant cause of distraction-related vehicle accidents in recent years. According to new data, incidences of texting while driving reach their peak during the afternoon commute. This can have a major impact on Georgia highways at a time when most people are making their way home from a long day at work.

The data in question was collected by an app called Drivemode, which allows users to use hands-free phones in older model vehicles. A study of their users' phone usage discovered which hours of the day saw the most phone use. During the study, Drivemode surveyed the data of over 177,000 drivers. Researchers determined that during one year, those drivers had a combined 6.5 million instances of phone usage.

Man pursues lawsuit after magic show injury

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious personal injuries for people in Georgia who have fallen due to unsafe conditions in a public place. These kinds of accidents can happen almost anywhere from a mall or restaurant to a major public event. In one case, a participant in a magic show performed by celebrity magician David Copperfield has filed a suit after being injured. The man, a British tourist, slipped and fell and sustained an injury after he was selected at random to serve as an audience participant.

During the magic trick, Copperfield appears to make the audience members disappear from a platform on the stage and then reappear in the back of the theater. To participate in the illusion, the participants must follow a specific route. The tourist was injured in a slip and fall accident as he followed the route during a 2013 performance. The tourist's lawyer said that he had not been warned of any dangers or risk of possible injuries before participating in the trick. Instead, he was told to follow a route through halls and an outdoor area.

Daydreaming drivers remain among the worst threats on the road

It's been well documented that drivers distracted by e-mails or text messages are more likely to cause an accident. However, a recent study by a major insurance company indicates that old-fashioned daydreaming is an even bigger threat to Georgia drivers.

According to the study commissioned by Erie Insurance, 10 percent of all fatal car accidents are caused by distracted driving. Of that number, a full 61 percent are caused by drivers who are simply daydreaming or lost in their thoughts. This means that daydreaming drivers caused more distraction-related fatal accidents than every other type of distraction combined. This number dwarfs the 14 percent of fatal accidents caused by cell phone use.

Distracted driving leads to costly crashes

The dangers of distracted driving have become all too apparent for many people in Georgia and across the United States, as a rising number of crashes have been connected to drivers whose attention was taken away from the roadways. In 2015, 3,477 people were killed due to distracted driving. The behavior has seen a particular increase since the rise of the ubiquitous smartphone, with the many distracting options it presents, including social media access, Internet surfing and apps as well as traditional texting and talking.

The death toll of distracted driving can be shocking, but the number of injuries that can result from car accidents that involve a driver whose eyes and mind are away from the road can be particularly telling in terms of its costs. There were 391,000 people injured in 2015 in such crashes; in many cases, the injuries involved were serious or catastrophic, causing lifelong disabilities and costly hospital stays.

An impatient driver can endanger your life in a split second

Every day during your commute to and from work, you may share the road with drivers who are impatient, inattentive or just plain rude. It can be frustrating to have a close call with someone whose attention is not on the road, and even more upsetting when the person putting you at risk is doing so out of anger. For you and other Georgia residents, aggressive driving and road rage are common traffic dangers that can occur when you least expect them.

You should understand the difference between road rage and aggressive driving. Road rage occurs when someone is making a deliberate attempt to hurt you, and is therefore considered a criminal offense, as the American Safety Council explains. On the other hand, aggressive driving is a traffic offense, although an aggressive driver’s actions can result in accidents. Aggressive driving often includes the following behaviors:

  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Speeding or swerving around other drivers
  • Failing to use a turn signal or obey traffic signals
  • Yelling or making rude gestures at others
  • Cutting other drivers off

Workplace noise can be a cause of heart disease

Risks in the workplace can sometimes come from unexpected sources for workers in Georgia and across the United States. For example, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study recently noted that noisy, loud workplaces are often responsible for employees having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Both conditions pose a major risk for cardiovascular disease, the major killer of people across the United States. These findings mean that loud noise can be a health risk in the workplace to far more than just workers' ears.

Approximately 25 percent of the U.S. workforce, or around 41 million people, have reported regular exposure to loud noises in the workplace. Some of the effects of loud noise on workers' health are relatively well known, and they include hearing loss, sleep disruption even hours after exposure, reduced cognitive performance and migraine headaches in those who already suffer from them. Reducing loud noise and protecting workers from its effects may not only be important to preventing hearing loss but also in staving off other forms of occupational disease, especially heart issues.

The most frequent factors in highway deaths

Whether they drive cars, trucks, or buses, residents of Georgia will want to know what the most frequent factors are in highway accidents. Highway accidents all too often end in fatalities, but they are mostly all preventable because they arise from either some form of miscalculation or some form of negligence or recklessness.

Drivers could be reckless, for example, in driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is known as impaired driving. In large amounts, alcohol can impair judgment, reaction times, vision, and the perception of speed and distance. Even in moderate amounts, it can have a negative effect on driving. Certain medications could contain chemicals that blur vision or make one sleepy.

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