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OSHA's work injury reporting has flaws, says OIG

The Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General has released an audit report pointing out flaws in OSHA's reporting of workplace injuries and deaths. Employers and employees in Georgia should know that OSHA revised its injury and illness recordkeeping rule and that the changes went into effect January 2015. The study tested the reliability of injury and fatality data from the start of 2015 to the end of September 2016.

OSHA bulletins address responsbility for temp workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released bulletins that will impact the way host employers and staffing agencies share responsibility for temporary employees. The bulletins are part of OSHA's Temporary Worker Initiative and are set to apply in Georgia and across the United States.

Tips to preventing machine injuries at the workplace

Modern machines make workers more productive and efficient. However, they also have the power to inflict great harm. In the early days of industrialization, there were few protections for workers using factory equipment. Now, safety standards have made machines a lot safer to use, but incidents still occur. While a small portion of injuries in Georgia are caused by the machines themselves, most are the result of poor maintenance, improper guarding and incorrect use.

ICOH: asbestos-related deaths have been underestimated

Georgia residents should be aware that asbestos exposure is causing more deaths every year than previously estimated. This is according to a study, the most extensive yet, from the Rome-based International Commission of Occupational Health. ICOH estimates that in 2016, occupational asbestos-related conditions killed 39,275 people in America and 222,321 people around the world.

More coal miners suffer black lung than previously thought

A group of studies completed back in May shows that more coal miners in central Appalachia are suffering from black lung disease than previously thought. Also known as progressive massive fibrosis (PMF), black lung disease is a debilitating condition caused by the inhalation of coal mine dust. Workers in Georgia should know more about this trend, described by one epidemiologist as a "modern industrial tragedy."

Protecting workers from construction site-related injuries

Georgia residents may be interested in learning that the inherent danger of working in construction is proven by the fact that according to OSHA, 20 percent of workplace fatalities occur on construction sites. There are four scenarios that are the most likely to lead to workplace facilities: falling, being electrocuted, getting stuck between objects and being struck by an object. In many cases, workplace accidents can decrease by taking preventative measures.

Workplace noise can be a cause of heart disease

Risks in the workplace can sometimes come from unexpected sources for workers in Georgia and across the United States. For example, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study recently noted that noisy, loud workplaces are often responsible for employees having high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Both conditions pose a major risk for cardiovascular disease, the major killer of people across the United States. These findings mean that loud noise can be a health risk in the workplace to far more than just workers' ears.

Broad enforcement helps keep workers safe

Employers in Georgia and throughout the country may have voluntary work safety standards that they enforce. However, the former head of OSHA said that they were not an adequate replacement for enforcement standards set by the agency itself. He reasoned that these standards improved worker safety standards and practices in the greatest number of workplaces. Furthermore, employers tend to follow those standards even when the agency isn't inspecting their premises.

Reducing fatigue in the EMS industry

Because emergency medical service workers are so prone to fatigue, there has been a call for new guidelines to address the situation. The goal is to improve working conditions and safety for both EMS professionals and patients throughout Georgia and the U.S.

Coal mining deaths nearly double from 2016 to 2017

Some Georgia workers might be interested to learn that coal mining deaths significantly increased around the country in 2017 to 15 from an all-time low of eight in 2016. However, the number still remained under 20 for the fourth year in a row after hitting 20 each year from 2011 to 2013. In 1966, there were more than 200 coal mining deaths, and 100 years ago, there were more than 2,000 annually. The drop in deaths has been attributed both to improved safety and fewer coal mining jobs.

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