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March 2017 Archives

Determining fault in failure to brake accidents

Numerous Georgia car crashes are the result of someone failing to brake or braking too late. There are several reasons why a motorist may not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident. Some of the most common are human errors, such as failing to pay attention to what the driver in front is doing or following another vehicle too closely so that there is not enough time to stop even if the brakes are applied.

3 steps to take after a bus accident

Accidents involving public transportation can result in serious consequences. In 2016, there were multiple accidents involving MARTA, including a fatal crash in October. Public transportation is a convenient way to get to work, go to the store or visit a friend, but bus accidents can have particularly tragic consequences because of the weight and size of busses and the number of passengers.

Compliance with safe load regulations key in Roadcheck 2017

With the annual International Roadcheck inspection event set to take place June 6-8, motorists in Georgia and other states across the country may want to know more about the focus of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's 2017 safety campaign. This year, CVSA enforcers will be emphasizing cargo securement in anticipation that additional attention on this area will highlight its importance.

Autonomous cars may cause claim trends to change

Georgia drivers who have heard about some of the autonomous vehicle prototypes that have hit the roadways may be interested to learn that they could change the type of claims that get filed. Because these autonomous vehicles have the ability to take driver error out of the equation, claims may shift from personal injury lawsuits to product liability claims.

What to do after a slip & fall accident

A slip and fall accident occurs when a patron of a store or some other public establishment slips or trips and falls on some type of hazard on the floor or ground. It can be caused by raised concrete, a turned up rug, a magazine on the floor, water on the floor or any other obstruction in someone's path.

Company aims to make trucks driveable from remote location

Georgia motorists who share the roadways with trucks may be interested to learn that a company is working to provide remote control technology that would allow commercial vehicles to operate without a driver present. The company, called Starsky Robotics, has designed a system that allows a person to control a truck from the comfort of a remote office.

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